1500 Prize Bond Draw Result
1500 Prize Bond Draw Result

1500 Prize Bond Draw Result February 2024

There are few days left on the 1500 prize bond draw result, bringing excitement and hope for many. Whether you’re a regular participant or trying your luck for the first time, the draw is a moment of anticipation and possibility. As per the National Savings division, the new 1500 prize bond draw will be announced on 15 February 2024 in Lahore.

  • One (1) lucky winner of the first prize of 15000 will get 3,000,000.
  • Three (3) lucky winners of the Second prize of 15000 will get 1,000,000.
  • One thousand six hundred ninety-six (1696) lucky winners of the third prize of 15000 will get 18,500.

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More Detail About 1500 Prize Bond Draw Result:

Many people think that prize bonds are a form of gambling, but there are some specific reasons for it. If you don’t get benefits from prize bonds, you don’t get any loss either. It’s like having cash with you. You can exchange it for currency whenever you want or use it for other purposes anytime. Prize bonds are an investment. The more you invest, the more profit you can gain. For instance, if you invest a small amount, the profit will also be proportionately small. In this scheme, either you buy a bond worth 100, 200, or 750 rupees, if you go for the 1500 rupees bond, the potential profit is higher than the lower denominations. The biggest prize in this scheme is 30 lakhs.

Some lucky persons will get a natural gift for their investment on 15 Feb. 1500 prize bond draw result day.

If you want to know all prize bond prizes you can check also. If you want to check all the previous prize bond draws, you can use our prize bond checker. It provides results based on completely updated records.

Below is Draw# 96 of the 1500 Prize Bond On 15-11-2023 at Faisalabad

The first prize winning number is 848635 and the winning amount is 30Lac PKR.

The second prize winning numbers are 599195, 685342, and 685342, and the winning amount is 10Lac PKR

What is the first prize money of the 1500 Prize Bond?

On each draw of 1500 prize bond, one investor will get 30Lac Pkr prize money

What is the Second prize money of the 1500 Prize Bond?

Every time result is announced 3investor will get 10Lac Pkr Prize money.

What is the Regular investor prize money of the 1500 Prize Bond?

A lot of regular investors mean a third-position person will get 18,500.

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