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By Tutorials Bites

 What Personal Data We Collect And Why We Collect It ?  Our website is fully user friendly. Our users don’t need to worry about any their miss use of data because we are not asking from you any kind of your personal information. This educational website no need any kind of sign up. User can read any content with peace of mind. So it means that we are not sharing your data with anyone and we hope you also don’t use our data for misuse. If user want to want to user our data for education purpose they can use but any user cannot use our data for their website and for selling purpose. Our data is based on Tutorials Bites team experience. We are not responsible for any kind of mishap with the use of our data but we proudly says that our information is pure, right and correct. For user we just need their comments because comments helps a lot to other users and us with the help of comments we can improve our data. All templates that we provide you freely they made by Tutorials Bites team for your help.

Third Party ?   We only going to use google ad for ads. Google use own cookies for showing ads to users which they wish to watched.

In Case Of Project Consultant ?   We does our deal of development project through fiverr . in this way both user and us will remain safe for any kind of lose.

Our Motto : “Do Good For Other. It Will Come back In Unexpected Ways “