php remove last characte

In PHP remove last character from string if comma

In this tutorial, we will learn in php remove last character from string if comma or any last character. We have multiple built-in functions in PHP to remove last character from string. There are the following functions which are rtrim() substr() substr_replace() In PHP remove last character from string if comma using rtrim(): Syntax of

PHP remove value from array

In php remove value from array

You can easily in php remove value from array. By using one of these PHP built-in functions like unset(), array_search(), array_keys(), array_splice() and array_diff(). I recommend you must have to know all these functions so you can use choose best and optimize method according to your algorithm. In php remove value from array by key:

jquery multiselect dropdown

JQuery Multiselect Dropdown with custom icon

We have many jQuery libraries that help us to make a jQuery multiselect dropdown. Multiselect.js Tokenize2.js Select2.js In this tutorial, I will guide you on how to use Multiselect.js library, and also you will get complete source code at the bottom. Multiselect.js (library) for jQuery multiselect dropdown: First, you need to download Multiselect.js library. Click

Pinterest RSS feed

Can I generate a Pinterest RSS feed with PHP?

Yes, you can easily generate a Pinterest RSS feed with PHP. Even if you want to build in another language you can easily do it. Because Important thing is the structure that converts RSS to Pinterest Pins. Below you can see a static RSS example for one pin. IMPORTANT! If you are only inerested in

javascript trigger enter key

Easily by using javascript trigger enter key

Normally people are using the button to submit a form or to hit any function. But as you know some people don’t want to engage with mouse when they are doing some fast typing work. Also, some methods are required to hit an enter button. So that type of people easily can do this by

PHP Array to JavaScript Array

How to convert PHP Array to JavaScript Array

You will be glad to hear that every PHP variable can be used in Javascript, whatever variable is a single value or array (array can be multidimensional or indexed or associative). You can easily convert PHP array to JavaScript array. Simply Using PHP json_encode() or implode() function, any PHP array can be converted to a