What are Html and other basic languages  functionalities:

The world is leading to technology. Everyone is trying to shift in the automate the system. For survival in the technology or to full fill our technology requirements so we must have to learn basics programming languages.  If we learn basic languages like Html (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading style sheets), Bootstrap, Javascript we can build our software and web application without pay any cost. let’s see which language is used for what

Learn Html:

By using Html we can make the structure of our application. We can show our desired content in the browser. Html is the first need for every web application.

Learn CSS:

By using CSS we can style our structure of web application. Also, show our content in our desired format. A basic example of uses of CSS is that we can give any color to backgrounds. We are able to give any font styles to our text by using CSS.

Learn Bootstrap:

By using Bootstrap we can make our web application responsive. In Other Words, bootstrap is an advanced form of Html With the help of bootstrap, we can make a single application that can be used in any device pc, mobile, and tablets.

Learn Javascript:

Javascript is used to perform dynamically functionalities of our web structure.

These languages are very easy to learn. Tutorials Bites are here for your ease. We are going to teach all these languages by a lot of examples step by step.  So we hope you will be connected with us. Learn complete web designing step by step start from learning HTML then we go to advance web development

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